Loop-w/fixed O-ring locking-AXL


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Grooming Loop made with Biothane.

*Length 21"

*Proprietary Buckle made specifically for Biothane for those who want extra tension placed on the metal slider.

*Fixed O-ring for those who use a stabilizer such as the Loop Doggy Dawg

*Soft, Leather-like material known as Biothane that provides comfort for the animal

*Flat lay with Heavy-duty stitching with tested break strength of over 500lbs.

*Stainless Steel adjustments slide and o-ring

*More chew resistant than traditional grooming loops

*Heavy Duty Custom Designed Stainless Steel snap hook

*Easily sanitized with a cloth and disinfectant spray

*Repels Water

*Deflects dirt

*Odor resistant

*Hand-Made in the USA

*design Patent Pending

Warranty info:

*1 Year Coverage on the hardware

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Black, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, White, Lime Green, Teal, Violet, Red/Blue